SIM-Ltd has created two great RIA (Rich Internet Application) that have been already implemented and installed to many customers.

You're looking for "Project & Planning Management" or "Human Resources Management" tools, then you're at the right place.

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Web Planning®© is a real time collaboration system, that allows you to manage online and on any devises :
  • Plan your Project : Store & Share your Gantt Schedule.
  • Manage your team's Planning, just at glance (Drag & Drop).
  • Organize your tasks through an a powerfull calendar.
  • Analyze your Activity with a tremedous Statistic modules.
  • Store and share your Deliverables or documents.
  • Collaborate in Real time (Web, iOS, Android, Desktop

Web Planning®© makes it easy to collaborate with your team.
A real breakthrougth with the standard on the market. Have all your projects under control. Share your project with your team or customer.
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In human resources as in the other domains, the quality of the decisions is dependent on the quality of the information held.

To build an effective and dynamic Human Resources policy, it is thus essential to be equipped with successful tools allowing to make circulate the information.

BILAN RH allows the head of Human Resource department, to reduce the workload and constraints of management, to have a complete vision at all the levels (individual, contractual, financial, ..), to limit or to anticipate risks of an incredible diversity of forms, and to have for its needs and those of the top management indicators, dashboards and simulator tools.

BILAN RH answers the expectation of any company wishing to optimize the administrative management of their employees, whatever the business sector or the size.

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